The ArAS School for Astrophysics is an initiative of the Arab Astronomical Society (ArAS).

ArAS SfA's objective is to give brilliant and motivated students, interested by the astronomy, the opportunity to be trained by international professional astronomers due to the lack of research in astronomy in the Arab World.

ArAs SfA-III is endorsed by the Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) of the International Astronomical Union (IAU). It will provide a platform for astrophysics knowledge sharing, triggering collaborations between fellow Arab astrophysicists, and building a strong professional Arab community in the field.
Based on our experience on the First Arab Winter School for Astrophysics (FAWSA) and the Second Arab Winter School for Astrophysics (AWSA-II), the content of ArAS SfA-III will focus mainly on different practices and skills of professional astronomers. The scope of AWSA-II will cover the following fields:

  • Theoretical themes: (i) Star Formation and Nuclear Astrophysics, (ii) Statistical methods for Astronomical Data analysis

  • Writing a proposal: How to write a proposal to obtain observational time in professional telescopes

  • Data/Observation: How to get data from telescope archives and How to do professional observation for the selected themes

  • Data reduction: How to reduce data using IRAF and Python

  • Analysis: How to analyze photometric and spectroscopic data

  • Writing a paper: How to present your results in a scientific paper

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